Getting On The Ballot – 12/4/19

Another mea culpa to start today. I’m gonna have to do better, I think. In yesterday’s post, when I was talking about which districts have candidates who have pulled petitions, I talked about how no petitions were pulled for Districts 3 and 7. Well, that’s because those seats are not up for election next year. In addition, I talked about how there are 9 districts in Knox County, as if those are the only Commissioners on the Commission. I forgot to mention that there are also two at-large Commission seats. Neither of those seats are up for election in 2020.

Today’s list from the Election Commission includes one update that I can see. There’s now a potential Democratic challenger to the Republican incumbent in District 2 to go along with the Independent challenger. District 1 only has Democrats running and Districts 5, 6, 8, and 9 only have Republicans.

My update is that I’m up to 23 signatures. As you recall, I’m aiming for 50 to make sure I have a cushion. It’s coming in dribs and drabs, but I’m getting there. My original plan was to return the petition on Friday, but I’m going to give my self the weekend and then turn it in on Monday. I’m really not trying to go down to the wire with this. Really I’m not. Hang in there folks, I’m gonna get it done.

Oh yeah, one other thing. It’s really just a minor thing in this process. But also really cool too. I recently subscribed to Compass, a local website that includes a daily email with info about Knox County and Knoxville politics, government and business. It was cool to wake up this morning and go to this link on the state of this whole business I’ve been writing about and in which I’m participating. My name was listed in there and there was a link to this webpage. It’s a small thing, I know, but cool nonetheless.


Published by Todd Frommeyer for Knox County Commission

Retired Air Force JAG, former Navy Russian linguist, former consumer financial regulator, political junkie

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