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The latest set of questions I answered was a phone interview I did with Alan Sloan of the Farragut Press. He put together the interview into a piece he did on all of the candidates for the 4th District County Commission seat. You can find that here, and also below.

By my count, I’ve responded to questions from six different media platforms or local organizations. I’ve also sat in interviews with two different Political Action Committees. I’ve answered a wide range of questions and many of them have been published online and, perhaps, in written form as well. I thought it would be good to consolidate all of these into one easily accessible post on the ol’ campaign website. Here you go:

Knoxville Focus – I wrote a whole post about the questions submitted by the Focus. They didn’t publish the answers to all of the questions they asked, but I did here.

WBIR – Beware of the auto play videos at this site. I also gave all of my answers here.

League of Women Voters – I answered questions at a panel with a bunch of candidates and also answered some questions from them for their 411.org website. You may have to go through a decision tree to get to my answers, but it’s not too hard if you work at it.

Bike Walk Knoxville – They did a survey of candidates in the commission races. You can find all of the answers here.

Farragut Press – I did the phone interview with the reporter last Friday from the Avis rental car lot at Dulles International Airport (IAD). You can read about why I was in Northern Virginia (if you care) here and here. The interview went fine, but I can tell that the distance didn’t translate too well, since he got a couple of small details wrong. I worked for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), not a “financial protect bureau.” And when he quoted me as saying “I got to help consumers there fight,” that’s not exactly what I did. I was able to help individual consumers fight back against big banks and other consumer financial companies. The way he quoted me makes it sound like I was running an underground consumer fight club. For the record, that’s not what I was doing :-). He also asked me for a photo, but I don’t see any photo in the piece (maybe in print?). He asked for my contact info and I gave it to him. I noticed that they printed that info for another of the candidates, but not for two of us. In any case, I appreciate the opportunity given to me by the Farragut Press to get my message out. Thanx, Alan.


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Retired Air Force JAG, former Navy Russian linguist, former consumer financial regulator, political junkie

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