Checking Out Knox County Parks #indiwalksknox

Campaigning in the time of Covid-19 requires one to think outside the box. In terms of traditional campaigning (until door knocking can commence), I’ve got some ideas. Stay tuned for more on those in the coming weeks. But, it came to my mind that I previously made a campaign pledge to walk the neighborhoods of District 4 and to bike as many of the neighborhoods and greenways as I can. I think I’m going to add something to that pledge.

My yellow Lab, Indianna, and I will walk around as many of the Knox County Parks as we can. The goal is to get some exercise and get outside. But also, I want to see the state of the Parks system. Maybe highlight places that are hidden gems or in need of some help. I do this with the idea of being more informed about the County I’m trying to represent on the Commission.

I’m going to dive into Knox County administered parks for the most part, but also want to see some of the parks that are in District 4, but administered by the City of Knoxville. For instance, I started this project #indiwalksknox this morning at Lakeshore Park, which is listed among the parks administered by the City and is located in District 4. We did the outer loop (about 2.3 miles according to my Apple watch) at a leisurely pace. It was cool out, but nice for a walk.

You can follow along with our progress on social media – @fro4knox4 on FB/Twitter/Insta. Hope to see you out there!

Yeah, and we named the dog Indianna.


Published by Todd Frommeyer for Knox County Commission

Retired Air Force JAG, former Navy Russian linguist, former consumer financial regulator, political junkie

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