Checking Out Knox County Parks #indiwalksknox

Campaigning in the time of Covid-19 requires one to think outside the box. In terms of traditional campaigning (until door knocking can commence), I’ve got some ideas. Stay tuned for more on those in the coming weeks. But, it came to my mind that I previously made a campaign pledge to walk the neighborhoods ofContinue reading “Checking Out Knox County Parks #indiwalksknox”

Knox County Charter Review Committee – At-Large Members

I attended the meeting of the Charter Review Committee last night. They were reviewing Articles I and II of the Charter. Those cover the Powers and Functions of the Commission (Article I) and the Legislative Branch (Article II). Pretty much the discussion stayed within Article II. The main issue that was discussed was what toContinue reading “Knox County Charter Review Committee – At-Large Members”

The Knox County Commission Needs Some Different Viewpoints

I’ve been attending Knox County Commission meetings since I got into this race. As I’ve said before, I think a candidate for office should be familiar with what he or she would do if elected. So, that’s what I’ve been trying to do the last few months. In watching how the meetings go and reviewingContinue reading “The Knox County Commission Needs Some Different Viewpoints”

The Post About Taxes And Spending Cuts and County Debt

I’ve been asked the question in a couple of places about whether I would consider raising property taxes. I have said I think it’s irresponsible for a County Commissioner (and Mayor) to take a pledge against raising taxes. You can never tell what needs the County might have in the future and the options areContinue reading “The Post About Taxes And Spending Cuts and County Debt”

Checking In On A Campaign Pledge – Driving District 4

Back at the beginning of January, I made the pledge to walk, bike, and drive as much of District 4 as possible. In that post, I speculated that I could get the driving part of that pledge done by Primary Election day, March 3, 2020. Yesterday, as a matter of fact. So, how did IContinue reading “Checking In On A Campaign Pledge – Driving District 4”

An Election Should Include A Choice

It’s the day before Primary Election day here in 2020. If you haven’t already early voted, I hope you’ll go out tomorrow and make your choice. Even if you’re not voting for me. Or can’t because you’re in a different district. I just hope you go vote. I looked back at the first thing IContinue reading “An Election Should Include A Choice”

Big Money Is The Problem In Politics – My Race Edition

I have decided that I’m taking a stand against the influence of money in Knox County politics. I have written previously about how the current District 4 Commissioner raised about $78,000 in his race for the seat 4 years ago. I saw the amount of money he raised and from whom he raised it andContinue reading “Big Money Is The Problem In Politics – My Race Edition”

Where I Answer Questions

The latest set of questions I answered was a phone interview I did with Alan Sloan of the Farragut Press. He put together the interview into a piece he did on all of the candidates for the 4th District County Commission seat. You can find that here, and also below. By my count, I’ve respondedContinue reading “Where I Answer Questions”

Who I Would Vote For In Knox County – March 3, 2020 Edition

I was very happy to be able to vote for myself in early voting for the March 3 primary. I’m running as a Democrat, so, naturally, I pulled the Democratic ballot. The thing is, though, the only options I had were for President and the County Commission, District 4. I talked about those votes here,Continue reading “Who I Would Vote For In Knox County – March 3, 2020 Edition”