Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

I wanted to take a pause in writing about other campaign stuff, to say a word about civility. I don’t believe in civility for the sake of civility. But my political Golden Rule is: Be nice. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be nice. Help if you can. Everyone needs help at some point. If youContinue reading “Disagree Without Being Disagreeable”

Miscellany From The Campaign Trail

I wanted to keep everyone up to date on my campaign activities for the last week or so. I’ve spoken previously about questions I have gotten from various places here. I’ve also noted that the series of posts I’ve written about “My Platform” are inspired by some of the questions I’ve received. Well, I’ve respondedContinue reading “Miscellany From The Campaign Trail”

Questions, Questions, Questions

I’ve talked a little in previous posts about the fact that candidates get asked to answer questions on various topics from various entities. Some of the “My Platform” posts here on the ol’ campaign website were prompted by these questions. Two of those entities have now published the answers to my questions. The Knoxville FocusContinue reading “Questions, Questions, Questions”

My Platform – Part 9: Yard Signs

When I started this process, I talked to a few people about how to run and what to do during my campaign. One of the stances I thought I would take is that I would not use yard signs. I’ve always thought they can end up a blight in neighborhoods and at street corners. IContinue reading “My Platform – Part 9: Yard Signs”

A Little About Me – TV Edition

Community Television of Knoxville gives candidates for local office the opportunity for “Equal Time” on their channel. I got a letter from them inviting me to record a five minute piece about myself and my campaign. I recorded mine two days ago (Wednesday, February 5, 2020). I had originally scheduled my taping (which is funnyContinue reading “A Little About Me – TV Edition”

My Platform – Part 8: League of Women Voters Meet And Greet Questions

One of the interesting and fun things about being a candidate for office is the fact that people come to you and ask your opinion on things. Makes sense, I guess. I’m trying to be elected to the Legislative Branch of Knox County government. In the course of the campaign, I’ve had the opportunity toContinue reading “My Platform – Part 8: League of Women Voters Meet And Greet Questions”

A Little Drive Around Westmoreland Heights

The District 4 Democrats were kind enough to let me speak a little at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. I had a chance to tell a little bit about myself and my platform. I also got a chance to meet people and answer some questions. I think I mentioned the event inContinue reading “A Little Drive Around Westmoreland Heights”

A Look At The Next Two Weeks In The Campaign

I’m sitting up late on a Sunday night doing some campaign research and prep. I’m fortunate that I don’t have a primary opponent for the election on March 3. I think my life would be a lot busier than it is right now, which is pretty darn busy. Speaking of candidates with a primary opponent,Continue reading “A Look At The Next Two Weeks In The Campaign”