An Election Should Include A Choice

It’s the day before Primary Election day here in 2020. If you haven’t already early voted, I hope you’ll go out tomorrow and make your choice. Even if you’re not voting for me. Or can’t because you’re in a different district. I just hope you go vote. I looked back at the first thing IContinue reading “An Election Should Include A Choice”

Big Money Is The Problem In Politics – My Race Edition

I have decided that I’m taking a stand against the influence of money in Knox County politics. I have written previously about how the current District 4 Commissioner raised about $78,000 in his race for the seat 4 years ago. I saw the amount of money he raised and from whom he raised it andContinue reading “Big Money Is The Problem In Politics – My Race Edition”

Where I Answer Questions

The latest set of questions I answered was a phone interview I did with Alan Sloan of the Farragut Press. He put together the interview into a piece he did on all of the candidates for the 4th District County Commission seat. You can find that here, and also below. By my count, I’ve respondedContinue reading “Where I Answer Questions”

Who I Would Vote For In Knox County – March 3, 2020 Edition

I was very happy to be able to vote for myself in early voting for the March 3 primary. I’m running as a Democrat, so, naturally, I pulled the Democratic ballot. The thing is, though, the only options I had were for President and the County Commission, District 4. I talked about those votes here,Continue reading “Who I Would Vote For In Knox County – March 3, 2020 Edition”

My Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement – Pre-Primary Report

The latest letter from the Knox County Election Commission came in the mail the other day. This one told me I was required to file a “pre-primary campaign financial disclosure report covering the period from January 16, 2020 through February 22, 2020.” I submitted my report to the Election Commission on Monday, February 24, 2020.Continue reading “My Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement – Pre-Primary Report”

Knox County Strategic Vision: Knoxville Chamber v. Sidewalk Master Plan

As the campaign goes on, I’m constantly running across new things that concern me about our County government. I discovered recently that the Jacobs administration, as soon as the Mayor came into office in 2018, cancelled a contract for a Sidewalk Master Plan for Knox County. I’ve also discovered that Knox County helps fund theContinue reading “Knox County Strategic Vision: Knoxville Chamber v. Sidewalk Master Plan”

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

I wanted to take a pause in writing about other campaign stuff, to say a word about civility. I don’t believe in civility for the sake of civility. But my political Golden Rule is: Be nice. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be nice. Help if you can. Everyone needs help at some point. If youContinue reading “Disagree Without Being Disagreeable”

Miscellany From The Campaign Trail

I wanted to keep everyone up to date on my campaign activities for the last week or so. I’ve spoken previously about questions I have gotten from various places here. I’ve also noted that the series of posts I’ve written about “My Platform” are inspired by some of the questions I’ve received. Well, I’ve respondedContinue reading “Miscellany From The Campaign Trail”