I’m On The Ballot. Now What? – 12/17/19

I’m taking the rest of 2019 to spend time with family and focus on some behind the scenes preparation for the campaign, which will start in earnest in January. One of the things I’ve started with this month and will continue at least until the election (and hopefully thereafter as well) is I’m attending CountyContinue reading “I’m On The Ballot. Now What? – 12/17/19”

I’m On The Ballot. Now What? – 12/13/19

I’ve taken a couple of days off from here. There are trees to decorate, lights to put up, shopping to do, after all. Also, we’ve been lucky to have our UT student at home with us this week before he flies off to Northern Virginia for the Winter break. But that doesn’t mean there’s noContinue reading “I’m On The Ballot. Now What? – 12/13/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/9/19

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. This will be my last post titled “Getting On The Ballot.” Because I’m on the ballot. Or at least I met the requirements to get on the ballot. I guess they need to print the ballots. Maybe a meteor hits or something. But, other than that, I thinkContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/9/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/8/19

Today I rested. I thought about walking a bit, but my leg was a little sore and I had Christmas lights to hang. Tennis tomorrow morning and, immediately after, I’m heading down to the Election Commission to turn in my petition. There’s a work session on the County Commission calendar tomorrow at 5 p.m. AfterContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/8/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/7/19

I walked about 4.5 miles today and added about 10,000 steps to my Apple Watch. In addition to my own neighborhood (Laurens Glen), I also visited a nearby neighborhood called Fox Hollow and some houses on Clear Brook Drive and Shoreham Blvd. I got up to 47 signatures and I’m probably about done. I mayContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/7/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/6/19

Just six days to go until the deadline. I think I’m on track. I got up to 36 signatures today. So, I’ll probably talk about this more in future posts, but one of my goals in this campaign is to get to every neighborhood in the district. I’m going to try to talk to asContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/6/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/5/19

Drum roll, please! I’m at 28 signatures! I need 25 to qualify for the ballot, so I’m over the threshold. They say shoot for 50 or so, in case some of the signatures have issues. So, I’m going to keep going. I’ll work to get some more tomorrow and over the weekend. Turn in theContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/5/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/4/19

Another mea culpa to start today. I’m gonna have to do better, I think. In yesterday’s post, when I was talking about which districts have candidates who have pulled petitions, I talked about how no petitions were pulled for Districts 3 and 7. Well, that’s because those seats are not up for election next year.Continue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/4/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/3/19

I need to start with a small mea culpa. I misreported my number yesterday. I think I reported 17 signatures, when it was 16. Got three more signatures today, so that brings me up to 19. Not the pace I was expecting, but I think the next couple of days are going to see thoseContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/3/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 12/2/19

Too much life going on today to get out and gather some signatures. I did get the chance to talk to some folks, which will lead to some signatures down the line. It’s very early in the process, but I can already see that the next 7 months, leading up to election day on AugustContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/2/19”