Getting On The Ballot – 12/1/19

As promised, my first update. I decided to walk around my own neighborhood today for my first batch of signatures. It was mostly neighbors that I know, and a few I don’t. I hit about half of the houses and increased my signature total from 5 to 17. If I’m lucky, I’ll double that numberContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 12/1/19”

Getting On The Ballot – 11/30/19

So, Fro, you’ve gone to all of this trouble to grab a domain and start writing about your campaign and all, and you’re not even on the ballot? Yeah, that’s right. Here’s how it goes. First step is to run down to the Knoxville Election Commission and pull a Candidate Qualifying Petition. You should probablyContinue reading “Getting On The Ballot – 11/30/19”

A Little More About Why I’m Running

For a big chunk of my adult life, I voted only by absentee ballot. I was in the military from 1986 to 1994 and then again from 1999 to 2012. While I may have missed some local elections, I never missed the federal elections every two years. So, for the most part, I never experiencedContinue reading “A Little More About Why I’m Running”

Why I’m Running…

CHOICE – I’ve been in Knoxville for over 4 years. On past election days, I’ve been disappointed to see how many races include a candidate running unopposed. I decided I should do something about that. MONEY – At the national level and even at the local level, politics is awash with money. It skews thingsContinue reading “Why I’m Running…”